Thursday, May 22, 2014

this weekend - Sun Ra and the Lyric

This weekend I will have artwork at the pop up show in the lobby of the historic Lyric Theatre - there will be a band etc - then Saturday to celebrate the 100th birthday of Sun Ra the mural will be front and center on stage! Come to both! - A great band at both!

Monday, May 19, 2014

magic city mural collective birmingham alabama

We had a short meeting at Bottletree to wrap up the parker mural and talk about the next projects  -  we had a good art night in my studio with people collaborating and doing their own thing too - picture by jonathan purvis from outside my studio  - through the glass!

MAYO LOVES AND ART NIGHT with all her buddies

Stacey, Jacob and I worked on some masks for the YWCA art club which provides expressive opportunity and art  workshops for kids with no other access etc.  Their theme this year is fairytales and the forest - they have all sorts of cool projects and excursion plans - I am super looking forward to working with the teachers and kids.  Here are some pix of the masks we started - we plan to make some bears, bunnies, deer, fox, raccoon, crows etc!  Here are some pictures as the first paper mach forest animal masks are drying on the ledge - I will spend the next week building them up etc. then

Murals - Vulcan and Dia de los muertos

Murals galore - Jacob, Hannah and I were working on the Vulcan mural that Charles Buchanan designed and mcmc showed up with a friend to work on the Dia de los muertos mural so we had multiple mural teams at once in my studio - here are some pictures. Charels has painted on it twice and Bo Hughins is working on the face = vulcan has a strange expression

Tuesday, May 6, 2014