Wednesday, May 29, 2013

first few days at pen land!

I have a great class in the books session one at Penland that I'm teaching - its full and all the people are tackling hard bindings with grace and creativity! Pinky came today to show them some single folio bindings and I have an incredible studio assistant - amy leopard!  Feeling blessed and grateful...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

plum branch

in plum branch - with couch/cogswells et al - pinky and carolyn and have been making photographs etc. - last day before I teach a 2 week session at penland - staying in kitty couch's cabin - her daughter margaret is holding a earthenware dog Kitty got in Oaxaca - I also have photos of the dog when it was in Margarets Penland Studio when I was there 5 years ago before I knew her! heart - Margaret's new book is out - you can check it out here!

Friday, May 24, 2013

North Carolina 2013 May

Have been traveling through North Carolina - in Charlotte, Black Mountain and now outside Burnsville since Monday - its been fun sharing stories and showing some cool new materials and applications - have met and re-met some great folks.  Pinky and I are staying at Kitty Couch's cabin after I left Black Mountain - I will return there to teach again after my 2 week session is done at Penland - I'll teach ceramic transfer/drawing on ceramics and some book bindings at the Sally Jones Art Center starting June 8.  North Carolina has been cold and the mountains are beautiful - we are in blackberry winter here - the moon came rushing into the room I stayed in last night -  and Pinky and I walked around the lake tonight with Linda Ford Roberts and Krysta Cameroto - both incredible photo artists - our good buddy Carolyn is here also.  Its a nice little weekend between gigs.  Here are some pix. love