Monday, January 21, 2013


Here is the link to a show I'm currently in - at Asheville Bookworks in North Carolina

Juried exhibition of works from the Southeast Guild of Bookworkers, FREE and open to the public.
On view in the BookWorks Gallery, January 3rd- February 24th, 2013.
Sat evening Feb 16, following the class, 6 PM a gallery talk by Sonja Rossow, Current President, SEGBW
The Southeast Guild of Bookworkers (SEGBW) is a regional chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers, a national organization of book artists founded in 1906 with intent to unify marblers, printmakers, bookbinders, conservationists, calligraphers, paper makers, and letterpress printers under a common craft. Today, these artists still come together within this community to organize a yearly conference, numerous traveling exhibitions, publication of a newsletter and journal, and a range of study and professional opportunities. Chapters, like SEBGW, divide the larger organization into subsets of artists united by proximity and regional culture.
The 60 members of SEGBW represent an expansive region of the country. From the Carolinas and Kentucky, south to Florida and as far west as Louisiana, these bookworkers sustain a vibrant southern book arts community through exhibitions and workshops. SEGBW’s regional span has allowed them to host workshops in cities like Tuscaloosa and Atlanta within the last year. The upcoming show at Asheville BookWorks speaks to their growing presence in the Carolinas.
SEBGW is currently focused on expanding in order to better serve their membership, and to draw non-members into the world of book arts. SEGBW recognizes BookWorks as an ideal venue for this show because of its accessibility to the Asheville community. “We felt that BookWorks would provide a new venue for people who aren’t perhaps familiar with SEGBW to see what it is our membership is all about,” says Sonja Rossow, one of the Workshop and Events Coordinators of SEGBW. “We think Asheville, with its vibrant art community, makes the perfect place for the exhibition and to get the word out about SEGBW.”

shots of installation in progress

I go to my studio super early in the morning - its great that its so sunny! - I kind of like the shadows - hoping to have a couple more done for show in texas.

Monday, January 14, 2013

sulphur springs jerry slayton - blount springs alabama the beautiful

went on a wonderful hike/drive with jerry yesterday - we were shaking the cobwebs off as my grandpa used to say - here are some pictures of a sulphur spring up near hayden and blount springs - alabama is so beautiful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Penland Workshop - Doug Baulos Amy Leepard

Here is the link if you need or want more information about the 2 week workshop I'm teaching at Penland this Summer - its a great place - hope to see some of my book arts buddies there.

Here is a link for my friend Amy Leepard who will be assisting in the class.  She's great and will be a lucky/valuable addition to the workshop.

just holler is you have any questions.

Museum of Printing History Doug Baulos

I will have an installation of prints, ceramics - book sculptures in Houston in March - I'm planning on doing an installation of about 30-40 objects clustered together.
Curated by Chicago-based artist Paul Andrew Wandless, Clay & Print IV is part of a series of exhibitions that have examined how artists are exploring the intersection between ceramics and printmaking. Wandless states that “clay prints utilizing printmaking methods are usually looked upon as just clay versions of what could be done on paper. This completely ignores how clay materials re-contextualize an image, giving it a unique aesthetic and artistic presence.” The exhibition will feature printed works on paper and clay by each of the artists, showcasing the aesthetic presence of each medium while also demonstrating how various substrates, techniques, and processes can be combined to create one artistic vision. Exhibiting artists include Doug Baulos, Charlie Cummings, Les Lawrence, Thomas Lucas, Megumi Naitoh, Matt Nolen, and Paul Andrew Wandless.
As more artists have experimented with the successful combination of clay and printmaking, exhibitions and publications have been solidifying this type of work into its own genre. Wandless has coauthored Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques (Lark Books, 2004) and authored Image Transfer on Clay (Lark Books, 2006). His most recent book 500 Prints on Clay will be published by Lark Books in 2013. This exhibition is the fourth in a series of exhibitions curated by the artist that include Clay & Print III, AMACO/Brent Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2012; Clay & Print II, West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania, 2010; and Clay & Print I, Artist Image Resource - AIR , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2008.

Clay & Print IV at the Museum of Printing History, Houston, is organized in conjunction with the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center from March 20th to 23rd.