Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Delivered work to the Alabama Power Gallery today for a show that opens next thursday - Michael Glaser's band will be playing - there should be some great art to see and a good party.  I think the show it called High Voltage, High Art - a celebration of Alabama Artists.  Friday I drive down to Ocean Springs to do a workshop - building the victorian album book - and how to make transfer/paper/spine
decorative pieces etc.  Should be fun - will make Pinky go with me.  It takes place during
the Mac Anderson Art Fair.

Monday, October 29, 2012

craig, louise and I went to Nashville - craig is printing posters and working at Hatch Show Prints for two months - he is about to start printing his work - for the American Tour of his band Indian Wars.  We talked through lots of ideas for compositions - he is an awesome artist and we are both really into Typography, signs, hand painted anything.  Lou really loved the posters and all that wood type.  They really love their Gothic type at Hatch Show Print!

Had a great time and took Mayo.  Took down the Dia de los Muertos show and at at Rib it Up after with Craig.  We also found a great new thrift stores when I was showing him some of my favorite old lettering around Birmingham.  He got an awesome vintage western winter coat.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Next class at The Mary C Okeefe Arts Center

Victorian Album Book Arts with Image Transfer, Collage and Watercolor
Multiple techniques will be explored to create pieces which will be handbound into a Victorian Album book arts project. Image transfer, a highly used mixed media technique, will be demystified as we learn to use different mediums and surfaces, including watercolor paper, vintage papers, fabric and even metal. Learn processes to simplify your approach to more complex subjects in watercolor to maximize your expertise as you learn to bring a personal narrative thrust to your art and book making. Doug will share technical information that can be used in your art in ways beyond this workshop!

Monday, October 8, 2012

had a great time with craig pettman (  )this installation we collaborated on is up at artfolk through the 27th of the month - had a great
time bartending and keeping the dia de los muertos faith.