Saturday, December 17, 2011

Florence Alabama - Alabama Chanin

had a super great time and really want to think Kay, Natalie, and Butch and the whole crew at Alabama Chanin for showing me around - also had a fantastic time with the Pine Hill Haints and J.D.! and of course got to spend the whole weekend with Goose.
(merrilee Challis) and we did some more cool collaborations -

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

bonard hughins - studio crit

bo came and gave me some great feedback - here are some pix
of him standing in front of a portrait in hanging out in general - it will
be sad to lose my studio soon!
bonard hughins has a cool flickr site - check it out here

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Margaret Couch Cosgwell

Got a chance when I was in Asheville NC to visit the studio of my friend Margaret Couch Cogswell - she sure can cook up some cool ways to re invent some of my favorite things - books, drawing, and collage/sculpture/sewing oh my! She also loves birds, dogs, and books so you can see why we became buddies.

It was just
a hoot and a holler to see all the ways she uses the book form in her work - She is featured in the new masters of book arts book.
Click on her name above to see her wonderful blog and visit her studio if you are in or traveling through Asheville NC!
xo - mayo loves her - see photos two posts back!

working towards victorian ideals

Sorry I haven't posted much stuff lately but I've been hard at work teaching in honors at UAB this fall and working on some time consuming paper craft. Making victorian wreath sculptural forms with hundreds of paper feathers made from discarded dictionaries. I always loved reading the dictionary when I was young and something about it being "the biggest type of book" and center of words always captivated me - I'll post more pictures from my studios soon - also doing lots of ceramic and drawing