Monday, December 13, 2010

musing in the studio

2010/11 towards studio practice resolutions
Agents of meditation and healing
Expressive power of the human body
Nature/organic vitality
Biotic quality
Metamorphosis and mutability
Seeming contradictions of life/death growth/decay destruction/regeneration
Human and natural things – larger metaphors for cycles of life
Pieced marked fragmented bodies
Biological and culturally inscribed personas of identification


Book / loom / the odyssey - making and unmaking to save yourself - Penelope at her loom
Sewing things - trapping and pinning things down

As I push forward...I look back
new reflections/ new projects

Leading a life of empathy
Lots of figurative painters sculptors stress victimization in their work – I don’t
Transformative and regenerating power of life – plant-generating…doppelgangers
Lead to phantom limbs/lives
Mystery and discovery of childhood books, birds, tree’s rivers, cliffs, (bluffs Illinois)
Around the bend and hills of Exeter
My rhythm and solaces
Apportions in the woods.
A lot of my reflections are unconscious looking back at memories
As I have gotten older my work becomes less and less rational and even more emotional and empirical
I interested in the object ness of even 2d things. I want my experiences to be tangible – for the viewer and me
If I show work that I think is fantastic and it shows and explains certain things about struggle to others than its all good – but the second I make things for pleasure, its about ego, and this causes problems in my studio practice and exhibitions.
I think expression is fatal – crucial – self-rewarding
I’m figuring out the past by working today – traveling behind things
I equate problems or loss of control with fragmentation – hence collage, ripping, binding, sorting etc.

Evoking the presence and absence of the figure and emotions tied to it
Crevices, soft nests and gatherings
Branches, collections, bottling, long warm limbs of thermal underwear.
Blankets and pillows.
Roots – dirt and dust
Tomato plants in milk cartons
Zippers on clothing, construction panels. – Shelves and red poinsettias.

Not casually accepts definitions from outside my web.
Junk collecting and 3 legged dogs – scarecrows and collections of things
Tattered – the pluck of survivors – bandages and wrapping jury-rigged and judged.
Clothing layers and shells
I sing in the tenor range – my voice in artworks cracks and breaks more.
Non-rigid materials bending – trees moving – moved - wind rigid
Fossil unburied – ceramic brittle – moving cancer in throats and opening
The body likes a coffin.

Certain literary works – the love song of J. Alfred, - ballad of the sad café
I believe in reparations and mutability. I believe all the great questions aren’t easily answered.
Don’t avoid negativity – recognize it – Death has really taught me more than anything.
I don’t really privilege style or materials – except from memories, nostalgia I equate with trivia unless it’s distilled through me

I’m interested in what survival means – how did I survive? The whole one –legged dog
Its emotions not events that shudder the senses

And its pluck?

I like the fragility of paper resistance- folding, tearing. I find it in human interaction Screening, whispering, insisting…I love arranging chaos – I love being disoriented. temperamento...sanguineo...melancoico...colerico....flemetico
tree skeleton button collectors
la noche de mimal
ya no puede bebir sin tu amor
the river of the crying moon
dust and earth
tied and connected
counted and left
Sewing thin lines multiple piles and lain.discarded.refused.
cracked mirrors and webs ...espejo obscuro
the function of freedom is to free someone else(toni morrison?)
Does artwork free us from isolation or does the viewer?¿?
Can the truth of my experience be told with only my voice¿
How was I interested in the world when I was younger - tea ceremony and washing dishes at the golden temple.
The image of hands draws attention to the idea of desire
The dreaming mind
"When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it found"

You had me at
¨That is the mother that cries frozen cold tear for todos personas¨
Flowers = art = passing stories and lives = beauty
Guarding protecting – go looking – journey.breathe..Art looking at me.

Emotional and Psychological pain- needles are used to repair damage and tears –
They aren’t aggressive- they bind.
I’m not so interested in fear – really interested in hope.
I’m not a zombie – I like life – I think considering the nature of human suffering/life super important.
I carry my feelings in my body – almost all of my work uses or references the body. Beds, urns, parts, milagros, ex-votos, limbs
The things I found mysterious as a child still absorb my interests – as I get older I’m interested in the things I’ve always been compelled by – birds, trees, faces, eyes, hands, (longevity of reflection as journey)

The one who mends what falls apart
Bones and sympathy
Secreta rafs
Horosopic old iron
Bottle and black teeth
Shads and fangs
Birds calling tree skeltons
Vampira diamantes
Black mirror
Enorme distancia
La noche de mimal
Ya no puedo bebir sin tu amor
Chocolate seeds
Llegando a ti
Me voy
Its emotions not events that shudder the viewer
Truque de suenos
El destino
Trozos de una carta

Te pareces tanto a mi
You look a lot like me
We as strangers
And soujourners
Our days are shadows
And there is none abiding
Bodies thin skinned
Parcels leaking picks
Fall into graves
Kick up your dirt
Things we keep close to our bodies
Answer cancer
Shrug in my heart
Tiny flashing stars
Vessels on walls/limbs on walls