Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oaxaca >Mexico 2010 summer

the one who mends what falls apart
a horoscopic secret
bottles and shades of yellow nasturtiums
muddy black teeth
bird calls Xandu in San Augustin de las juntas
sympathy and old iron
tree skeleton button collectors
la noche de mimal
ya no puede bebir sin tu amor
the river of the crying moon
dust and earth
tied and connected
counted and left
volver volver
path of thorns
carino llegando a ti
me voy
nos vemos
its emotions not events that shudder the senses
distill, improve, learn, grow

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uno mas de Puebla

Large black birds in pantheon near cholula
deaf-blind caretaker and parents grave
empty coffe cans
san sebastian and flechas con mucho sangre y cosas de mi vida
more more more octagonal shapes - everywhere y los timbre tambien

you had me at
¨that is the mother that cries frozen cold tear for todos personas¨
flowers = art = passing stories and lives = beauty
baby mummies 2 norte
further 2 norte - libros, papel basuras y mas (just above el parian head way out)
why do bikini brief wearing german tourists follow chris lawson and I?¿
Virrey =adan y roberto
mi culpa no importa
snake dick bird head butterflies y calaveras
sewing thin lines multiple piles and lain.discarded.refused.
cracked mirrors and webs ...espejo obscuro

cortar papeles con palabras obras de mi vida black with shadows
beds, arms, xxx cinemas, amate, white beans

Monday, May 10, 2010

puebla mexico 2010 mas mas mas

locura locura - mattress makers and rob zombie- locura
paper and fibers and cutting till my hands hurt
iron workers smirky friends
quilting and craziness adding threads, circulatory systems and encapsulation
i broke my digital camera today and had to take it apart
and reassemble it - no lens guard now. que buena
cuetzalan was great*picturesque* if you are a tourist
have only seen 3 tourists so far
days are flying!
still a vegan this trip
will end soon cause its puebla and its al pastor
dust lines laying