Sunday, January 17, 2010

litho printing fabric, dying, draping

working on a constructing a sculptural piece for an upcoming performance (hopefully with Louisiana artist Renee Cheveallier - based on an altar in Mexico I saw couple years ago - it was a soledad shrine - there were lots of fabric, heart milagros, rags, and pencils - I'm going to attach old pencils like arrows piercing this costume, and have some black needles and thread coming out - all these images were paper lithographs printed on old Carraway Hospital pillowcases - its the mercy hospital in Birmingham - dyed with walnut hull dye, and some india inks - probably going to sew to a form and I'm not the best at constructing clothing

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Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Are these lithography prints on fabric? I am currently working as a student in both costuming and printmaking. I have been trying to find a way to print lithos on fabric. Would you be willing to email me? I'd love to hear more about this process!