Saturday, January 30, 2010

the moravian sisters of Herrnhut

lots of information here about the paste papers - really free/finger/ornament/goodness

Recollected books

wow - what a great book store in Jacksonville Alabama - thanks John!
bought some great old bird and anatomy books, old bill and letter boxes, and a fantastic old
scientific home method book with dore like illustrations!

Larry Lou Foster / Mary Ann Sampson paste paper

In Jacksonville Alabama this weekend making paste papers with Larry Lou Foster and Mary Ann Sampson - its been great hanging out with everyone and having time to make stuff - really into the idea of select spotting pulled papers - want to make some thicker paste to try and idea kind of like daubing with snow like globs? Really want to make some coral/vein like pulls of things - we are using a combination of wheat paste and pva which / drys a lot faster! Doing some screen and transfer stuff etc. I use paste papers mostly for case binding and some tapes and portfolios.....would like to do some chitsu covers and experiment with using some gelatin printing with paste paper techniques. I really like the historical tradition of paste papers - both as endpapers and covers.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Forstall Three Hard Cover Books Class

In this class students will explore the architectural possibilities of book forms. Students will use formats designed by Doug for connecting, weaving, folding and sewing forms. Students interested in establishing narratives should utilize appropriate papers / objects for book blocks and pages. The class will explore formal ideas of special design and narratives and will be provided with numerous possibilities for intriguing book structures. Niches and Windows / Drawers will be discussed. Adhesive, Sewn and Non-Adhesive bindings will be utilized. This is a construction class - we won’t be painting . . . much.

Call 205.870.0480 to register
Forstall is located in Birmingham Alabama at 402 Palisades Blvd.

Email doug at with questions or contact forstall!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

litho printing fabric, dying, draping

working on a constructing a sculptural piece for an upcoming performance (hopefully with Louisiana artist Renee Cheveallier - based on an altar in Mexico I saw couple years ago - it was a soledad shrine - there were lots of fabric, heart milagros, rags, and pencils - I'm going to attach old pencils like arrows piercing this costume, and have some black needles and thread coming out - all these images were paper lithographs printed on old Carraway Hospital pillowcases - its the mercy hospital in Birmingham - dyed with walnut hull dye, and some india inks - probably going to sew to a form and I'm not the best at constructing clothing

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Eve pix petting zoo etc!

For some reason this is the only pix I could find of my latest visit to Mary Ann Sampson studio - She and Randy Arnold threw a small secret Birthday Party for the book artist Amy LeePard and I was lucky enough to get to come and meet and greet. Randy showed us his newest bone folders (on etsy!) and we all had a great time talking book arts and making plans!

Randy told Amy they were going to a Petting Zoo!