Wednesday, September 9, 2009

materials list for forstall class etc.

New Ideas in Watercolor Painting and Transfer
Victorian Album Book Arts - Doug Baulos/Forstall Art Supply
This workshop investigates a contemporary revolution, which is challenging mainstream notions and traditional roles of Drawing/Painting/Wet media & Watercolor application. Students will experiment widely with a selection of wet media and other historical and innovative approaches to developing works on paper & other grounds. Students are first guided in creating innovative works by learning to combine familiar techniques with new approaches and conventional media with unusual formats and surfaces. They then progress to investigating and experimenting with non-traditional materials and methodologies so that they may develop their own personal thematic subjects and/or conceptual aesthetic. Works will be bound into an experimental Victorian album format that with experimental structures added to book block - envelopes, frames, etc. Students are encouraged to use and experiment widely with materials.
In this two day class we will explore over 25 contemporary watercolor and transfer techniques and then bind and combine our pieces into a hand bound Victorian album Book Arts project. Image transfer is a highly used technique in mixed media, collage, and watercolor art today. You will learn how to make your own image transfers and combine them with watercolor applications to create a personal narrative hand bound album. Throughout the album you will explore transferring photos and images onto a variety of surfaces including watercolor paper, vintage paper, fabric and metal (optional) using different mediums and techniques. Learn to combine simple techniques and processes that demystify your approach to more complex subjects in watercolor. Through the creation of this album you will maximize your expertise in watercolor as you learn to bring a personal, narrative thrust to your art. You'll receive a lot of technical information that can be used beyond the workshop.
Suggested Materials List
3-5 pieces of 22x30” Arches cover - or comparable paper - cover or watercolor paper weight
1 set inexpensive watercolor - tubes or blocks (reeve’s or art advantage)
Drawing pencils- assorted (i.e., 2B, 4B, 2H)
Gel medium
Marker Colorless Blender
Assorted type/size bristle brights & flats brushes -
1 real watercolor palette - one fake plastic palette (Tupperware top)
B&W and Color Xerox copies - please no inkjet printer copies in this workshop! - (Bring at least! Ten-Twenty 8 1/2x10 inch copies of images or textures you want to transfer!
Found Papers/Materials to add/transfer to your book block - illustrations from old books, book pages printed between 1900 and 1970 (these will be destroyed in process so if you are attached to them make copies!, copies of old photos etc. (Photos will not transfer - make copies)
Glue or matte medium for adhesives
Small sponge or soft rags
Container for water
Bone folder, scissors, awl, Irish linen book thread, #1 or larger needle
Optional!!! Materials -
1 set inexpensive watercolor pencils and/or carandarche
Any other paints, or art materials/papers you already use and love
Linseed oil or small container of olive oil - can be shared
One tube of clear latex/acrylic caulk from hardware store
Assorted pen points (broad, medium, fine- NOT calligraphic), penholder,
Drawing inks (India ink) (acrylic inks)
1 bamboo brush
1 1” hake brush
Masking fluid
Ruler (18”)