Monday, November 17, 2008


here is a list of some of my favorite thrift stores in Alabama - you can email me or call me for more information if this isn't clear - I would appreciate a holla back if you know of some that are GOOD that aren't on this list - all these are within 45 minute driving from Birmingham - for futher locations going towards Mobile, Atlanta or Huntsville you will have to contact me!

Goodwill on left coming from downtown
Mission Possible north of Centerpoint towards Remlap
Telas - great junk in Remlap
The good will in Centerpoint has closed!
America's Thrift - really picked over usually
Big Saver on Roebuck Pkwy - good for me
Neighborhood thrift (bite me)
55th Place (this is Woodlawn)
I like the Salvation Army behind the Civic Center
I think the goodwill and salvation army suck on Greensprings but some people go there
Really good pickins at the America's Thrift in Alabaster (hint) go after 3 p.m.
I love J and J Junk - even though tons more people know about it now - its still great! open on Sundays!
This mission possible sometimes has great furniture and good books
Gadsen Area
I like the Alabama City Thrift store - its pretty far but you can go to
the Gadsen Goodwill after and the Salvation Army there - there are tons of good junk places around here and towards albertville if you are interested email me-
Hwy 11 thrift - not sure if its still open?
Pell City -
Really good America's Thrift - really great for book supplies and its on
the way to Elijah's Barrell which is my favorite place to look for clothes
5 points west - stuff closes here quickly - I like consignment world for furniture and its
a short hop to the America's Thrift store in Midfield from here
Big Saver on 18th has great clothes and bric d brac! - The foundry is hit or miss but
has a lot to choose from- The Bessemer Flea Market bits now in my opinion - I like the Hueytown Flea Mall better which is right past the Big Saver in Bessemer around the corner
- - Good Mission Possible on Hwy 78 - a little further is Good time Thrift,
I like the Finley Avenue Flea Market better than the Alabama State Fair Flea Market - In Jasper is my favorite thrift store in Alabama - "AGAPE", the goodwill and the salvation army are great in Jasper as is the America Thrift there! I think "Church Thrift" has closed but if you do the Jasper run on Saturday lots of people set up on the side of the road - most of the "junk places in the little towns between Forestdale and Jasper have closed - sob. Email me for more info about a great all day junk/thrift Saturday run from B'ham to Jasper to Cullman and back to Birmingham!