Thursday, September 25, 2008

have cast new ceramic pieces for book arts project and will make books this weekend - want to make some figurative ceramics cause I keep thinking about this dog that I saw in Margaret's studio that is actually her mom's and was purchased outside of Oaxaca - I taught a class in the spring with Pinky Bass who brought me as her visiting artist - saw lots of cool artwork and enjoyed the food...lots!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Walker working on his book

Here is Jess Marie Walker's son Walker working on his book - he really brought it. He is a student at Asfa in Birmingham Alabama.

Birmingham Book Arts Club - Forstall Demo

I recently (last Saturday) gave a workshop at Forstall Art Supply in the Palisades - Homewood Alabama. I was excited to meet so many people interested in Book Arts in Birmingham - I've been wanting to talk with people about forming a Book Arts Organization locally so hopefully that might get off the ground now. For sure I will give more workshops at Forstall-