Monday, February 5, 2007

My favorite things
art, drawing, skulls, mortality, baby skeletons, making dolls, collage, taking photographs, music, anything abandoned or rusty, playing keyboards, seahorses, and other creatures of the sea, accordions, toy pianos, organs, Mexico, France, Cambodia, Khmer Rouge, bri-collage, felt, tlaquepaque, travel, native plants, drugs, thrift stores, halloween, hallucinations, hermits, horror, illusions, insanity, introverts, isolation, joel-peter witkin, ralph-eugene meatyard, fransesca woodman, lullabies, macabre, mad teaparties, madmen, magicians, manifestations, mannequins, marionettes, music boxes, mythology, nightmares, oddities, old storybooks, puppet theatre, puppetry, religious art, shadowboxes, silent films, sleeping my life away, stop motion animation, taxidermy, tea parties, thunderstorms, toys/action figures, victorian, violins, weeping willows, junk, flea markets, making strange dolls, old medical posters, ceramics, breaking ceramics, fight against ceramics, vespas, trains, caves, breaking things, breaking and entering (still), grafitti, sleeping, motos, tequila, moogs, dia de los muertos, medical furniture, film, animation, medical freaks, photography, documentaires, playing the accordion, my keyboard glockenspiel, old bottles & jars, old animation, vintage cabinet photographs, old photographs, old paper & ephemera, retablos, San Cristobal de las Casas, found drawings in old science textbooks, Zacatecas, Guadalajara, the desert, masks, tunnels, caves, small boxes & cabinets/curiosities, small things with drawers, secrets, twins, embellished dreams, prints, book arts, super 8 mm, my fisher price pixel vision, old educational films, utilitarian clothes and fabric, zombies, mortality, human shelter, grief, shadows, pins & needles, my ipod (i'm sorry), small intimate presents, horchata, winter melon tea, mangos & monkeys, ruins, old old houses, peeling wallpaper, old catalogs, art supplies, tea, insects, stars, ladders, images of hearts, hourglasses, eyes, & skulls, Dia de los muertos, Oaxaca, la soledad, mushrooms, botanicals, las brujas, meditation, yoga, martial arts, walking, antiquedaddes, stencils, old old abused toys, rusted crappy wierd metal parts, breathing, some dogs, old skateboards, toy models, dream pets, creme brulee, cool ranch doritos, sewing, antique sewing ephemera, skeletons, insects, abandoned buildings, affliction, anatomy, locks, antique dolls, asian horror movies, attic explorations, autumn, ball joint dolls, basements, bedtime stories, broken dolls, caged dolls, cemeteries, creatures of the night, extra body parts, the mutter museum, (and the one in Italy & Guanajuato) dollhouses, experimentation, fairytales, finding treasures, sleeping in second story windows.

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