Friday, April 18, 2014

Bay of Pigs Memorial Today Birmingham Air Force Hand Painted Sign Nose Art

Attended the memorial today for the sign nose art we hand painted with one shot - really nice ceremony - they gave me a framed schematic of the plane with a plaque recognizing all our hard work - it was super nice / grateful.

Friday, March 7, 2014

End of day one - one shot paint, mad dog bay of pigs invasion sign painting

Current one shot memorial painting on a cargo fuel plane for the air force/air national guard

Been working on a bay of pigs memorial for the 4 Alabama flyers that passed during the bay of pigs  - I'm lucking to have rock star friends and students helping me and everyone at the Base has been totally great. I'll post more picture as we finish etc.

after I drew the pounce with Bonard

the set up

steven and hannah getting at it

hannah and steven lettering white

hannah - steven - tait

gary and michael

steven and hannah

more and more brushes and one shot

students being filmed from above

steven and hannah





patriotic me haha

gary and KT!



the pounce

this is brent and crew chief of the plane - I made him paint!